Sunset Version of Store Manager for osCommerce: Now the Application Is Available for Free

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eMagicOne team informs osCommerce users that Store Manager for this shopping cart has been sunsetted. Recently we have released the sunset version of the application, what means that active development of the software has been stopped. This decision was not spontaneous and has been made on the basis of critical analysis, drew by the company from the viewpoint of global and dynamic ecommerce development, shopping cart ratings and their dominance at the market.

Store Manager for osCommerce sunset

This version of Store Manager for osCommerce is free and can be downloaded at Merchants who have commercial version the application can continue using it for business management. Support will be provided for users who have active updates till the time, update expires. Previously released versions of Store Manager are accessible for download, although no updates will be provided.

Below you can find what features and improvements has been implemented in the sunset release of Store Manager for osCommerce application.


  • Now Store Manager for osCommerce can access 4GB of RAM.


  • In case attribute table had additional fields, product export did not work. The problem has been resolved and products are exported properly.
  • Product quantity was not exported in the process of osCommerce order export. The issue has been fixed and correct product quantity is being exported.

Whenever you want to exploit Store Manager for osCommerce functional capabilities, download it free at and use it as long as needed. Documentation, that provides instructions and tips on Store Manager functioning, is at your disposal, although no support will be provided.

The company will do its best and focus on development of workable solutions for leading ecommerce platforms.

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