Massive Updates of osCommerce Products are Now Free with Mass Product Changer

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What makes you exceed other similar websites and beyond other competitors? Definitely the ability to manage your product information in fast manner and without having to struggle too much with the entire procedure.

In expanding your effort to get immediate changes implemented to your osCommerce products, we have made appropriate actions that ensure higher effectivity with the ability to make bulk changes to entities in a few clicks using Mass Product Changer application. But this is not all!

With new version of Store Manager for osCommerce (starting from it's no longer necessary to purchase Mass Product Changer addon additionally in order to massively change or input necessary product-related information.

oscommerce mass product changer free

From now on, Mass Product Changer is available for free in Store Manager for osCommerce, so the only expense will be on the main application. No extra fee for massive product changes via the tool anymore!

If you haven't used Store Manager yet, downloading trial version you will be able to use Mass Changer tool and implement immediate changes absolutely free for 14 days -

Why Mass Product Changer is worth trying?

First of all, obviously because it is free now. If you had any doubts previously, now you can eliminate them, since you can either use it absolutely without charges with test version of Store Manager or make one payment and have all-in-one solution lifetime.

Secondly, Mass Product changer is indispensable in case you are lack of time and need to quickly update your inventory or other details without the necessity to run import from the file. Just a few clicks and you are done.

Moreover, it is super-easy to use, so there is no need to have some special skills. You just select products, run Mass Product Changer form context menu appearing after right-click and enjoy results.

How Practically Can It Be Useful?

The application will be definitely helpful in case you need to perform the following operations:

  • update product inventory, including stock status and quantity;
  • quickly add mark-ups or mark-downs to prices (increase/decrease cost or special price by percent, value or set fixed value);
  • make prices smart by auto-adjusting price ending, lets say to .99 or .95 instead of integral number;
  • add manufacturer or any missing info to bulks of products;
  • make advanced modifications on the basis of special expression rules that can be applied;
  • preview results before saving changes.

To sum up, Mass Product Changer significantly saves time and from now one money as well. Do not miss the chance to get killer feature absolutely free!

By Maria Kvasnytska

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