osCommerce Inventory Management or How to Keep osCommerce Stock on Adequate Level

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Nothing disappoints a customer than spending some time looking for a product and disclose that the item needed is out of stock. It might be frustrating for your clients and make them unwilling to visit your store next time. This is the reason why opportune and accurate osCommerce stock control has taken important dimension nowadays.

You must constantly track inventory levels - keep an eye on product flow into and out of currently existing inventory; maintain adequate osCommerce product quantity level and ensure that amount of products is sufficient for buyers to order.

Thus, efficient stock control solution should be at your disposal, so that any time you would be able to set right product inventory. Store Manager for osCommerce multi-faceted software presents efficient tools for spotless inventory management tasks fulfilling. So, what exactly ways of osCommerce products stock management are accessible?

Individual product inventory arranging

Whenever you need to change osCommerce product quantity or set status for several products only, you may do it via Store Manager edit product window. Double clicking on target product, you will call the window up, where all product related records are listed. You may designate required product quantity in corresponding field and regulate osCommerce stock checking or unchecking “In Stock” checkbox.

oscommerce stock management

Bulk osCommerce product inventory update

Not infrequently you need to define inventory level for abundance of osCommerce products. Wouldn’t it be a labor-intensive task when you do it manually one product after the other? Most likely it will. Store Manager for osCommerce improves the matters as it’s equipped with Mass Product Changer utility that allows to update products en masse. The scenario is the following:

  • clarify what products will undergo updating (it’s possible to use default or custom filters to find out necessary entities);
  • launch Mass Product Changer tool from product context menu;
  • set necessary product quantity and designate osCommerce stock for selected items in Modifier tab of Mass Product Changer tool;
  • preview alterations implemented;
  • press Ok for changes to be implemented.

To find detailed information on Mass Product Changer go to - http://www.oscommerce-manager.com/mass-product-changer

Another way to arrange osCommerce inventory in bulk is to renew it via data import to osCommerce database. Store Manager has built-in import wizard that ensures consistent file data transfer and fulfils rapid inventory control.

osCommerce import

Mechanized inventory control

With Store Manager application you can automate and schedule osCommerce import procedures and inventory management operations will be carried out autonomously without your interference. Automated Product Import addon is responsible for that. It is designed to automate regular data feeds uploads creating scheduled tasks and defining exact time of their accomplishment. This is a great step in inventory as well as osCommerce stock management.

Automated Product Import is Store Manager addon that is being purchased additionally. Details on its functional capabilities can be found here - http://www.oscommerce-manager.com/automated-product-import

Store Manager for osCommerce pliable solution includes workable tools allowing web merchants to discern physical stock and available product quantities, what ensures ultimate inventory management with no vulnerabilities.

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