What Are Avails of Automated osCommerce Import?

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oscommerce cron import

osCommerce store owners should be particular about obtaining sophisticated and effective means for creating relevant osCommerce catalog. Having immense number of goods and categories over store catalog, you may find it somewhat difficult to keep data renewed and perform opportune data update or upload procedures. Evidently, osCommerce cron import will be a feasible way out.

Mechanized osCommerce import significantly improves everyday store content management operations. It enables web merchants to schedule data appending procedures and run them automatically at pre-defined time and date. It’s very convenient when you maintain business ties with cooperators and constantly get feeds from them - without your intervening files will be appended to osCommerce database.

Store Manager for osCommerce and its addon called Automated Product Import are pertinent means that will help you set and run automated osCommerce import procedures. You do not need to use scripts or hire technician - do it yourself via alternative solution.

Automated Product Import is an addon, built in Store Manager application. It runs in demo mode and in order to fully seize its functionality you have to register it with purchased license key. Switch to “Addons” section of Store Manager and press corresponding icon to start up Automated Product Import. To set osCommerce cron import you are to:

  1. Create osCommerce import configuration or alter previously configured settings - indicate file source, its name, specify apt file delimiters, designate osCommerce images upload options, accurately define association between file columns and osCommerce database fields for data to be uploaded in a worthwhile manner.
  2. oscommerce import configuration
  3. Add scheduler task using created import configuration. Press corresponding button on the toolbar and in the window opened specify required settings - task name, configuration, schedule details - time and frequency of osCommerce cron import accomplishment. It’s possible to carry out autonomous import procedures on daily, weekly, monthly manner.
create scheduler task

If needed, run the import process using current configuration resorting to corresponding option disposed on the toolbar.

Automated data import gives you numerous edges, as with its assistance in an instant will be performed important store management tasks, namely:

- permanent osCommerce catalog updates

- appending new products to osCommerce database

- accurate osCommerce inventory arranging

- smooth images upload

- developing sequence category tree

osCommerce cron import greatly expands your business perspectives. Being able to automatically manage huge data sets, you can widen circle of manufacturers and cooperators. With Automated Product Import addon you are allowed to set as many regular updates as collaborators you have. Moreover, it guarantees accurateness and consistency of data transfer implementing.

osCommerce batch import is undoubtedly hassle-free operation, when undertaken via Store Manager for osCommerce and Automated Product Import tools. These are ultimate instruments that furthers evolving ever updated store content. Find details on Store Manager - http://www.oscommerce-manager.com and Automated Product Import functional capabilities - http://www.oscommerce-manager.com/automated-product-import

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