How to Make osCommerce Product Search Fast and Resultative?

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Efficient osCommerce search of products is indispensable for neat and opportune osCommerce catalog setting. Oftentimes you might need to alter some product details, set different price or shift it to other osCommerce category. Will you hover over store catalog, product after product, on purpose to find necessary item? Most likely you would prefer convenient and fast product search, especially when you have tremendous number of products at your store.

Store Manager for osCommerce offers you extremely powerful and customizable search functionality, that will deprive you of lingering osCommerce catalog browsing.

With Store Manager for osCommerce you have considerable avails:

Sort Products by Predefined Parameters

Whenever you need to get some item and know what osCommerce category it is placed to, you may use Store Manager filter option and sort goods by selected category. Filter options are accessible at products toolbar. Note, in case you have created custom filter, it will also be displayed in drop-down.

oscommerce product filter

Use Column Heading

It’s possible to reorder product row in ascending or descending manner, depending on your needs. Clicking on, let’s say, price column title, you will derive products sequenced either from the highest product price to the lowest one or vice versa.

oscommerce catalog filter

Create Custom Filter

Store Manager for osCommerce helps you out, as you are able to customize osCommerce search adding your own filter and specify parameters needed. All the settings are to be designated in special dialog box, that appears once you select corresponding option from drop-down list of certain column heading. For example, oftentimes you should operate with products, price of which is less that $150 but greater than $100. Such a criterion can be readily created via custom filter.

Moreover, osCommerce search can be successfully carried out by specific criterion or value. While pressing an arrow near target heading you will see options (values) in drop-down. Check box(boxes) for suitable one(ones) and in an instant you will get products that match your request in the grid. As an example, products can be searched by exact price as well as price range.

create oscommerce custom filter

Rely upon Advanced Product Search Form

osCommerce search can be undertaken via convenient product search form Store Manager for osCommerce possesses. Specify conditions and search options in this form and get search outcomes in Results section. You may add current search settings to the list of filter criteria pressing Filter button below.

find necessary item in oscommerce catalog

There is also a possibility to look for products throughout all the stores you are developing via Multi Store Search option, according to the scheme similar to that, described above.

Increasing amount of entities in osCommerce catalog at times makes it difficult to find necessary one. Store Manager for osCommerce eliminates all the inconveniences and helps you easily sort things out offering workable search and filter functionality. More details on Store Manager for osCommerce you can find here -

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