Short Guide to Quickly Import Products to Your osCommerce Store from XML Feed

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osCommerce add multiple products task and osCommerce import inventory in order to update it are vital for overall well-being and proper arrangement of your osCommerce store. Previously, the store owners were bounded to .csv format for changes appending. It is not a problem when you create the file yourself, but can become really tough task when you get spreadsheet of other format from your supplier. In this case, you either should ask your distributor to convert the file or adjust it yourself - both are not so easy tasks.

Store Manager for osCommerce breaks new ground and offers its users the possibility to carry out osCommerce import of XML files without manual re-structuration and file modifications.

osCommerce import XML procedure allows you to accomplish osCommerce add multiple products procedure, modify large amount of goods, including osCommerce import inventory, keeping stock under control, updating quantity, prices and other relevant information.

Store Manager for osCommerce assures easy and sleek osCommerce import from XML in case you carefully follow these steps:

1) Run Import wizard and select the file (either local or remote) from which you will carry out osCommerce add multiple products or osCommerce import inventory procedures.

2) Match the nodes of XML file on the left to the .csv fields offered on the right. This way you will make sure that the file will be parsed properly and the records will be added to correct places.

3) In case you have categories listed in your file, indicate delimiter used to let the software know where to separate categories and subcategories.

4) If you need to upload images, check the corresponding checkbox.

5) Assign columns to database fields in order for the information to be added in appropriate manner. They can be mapped automatically in case headings of rows are the same as database records. Do not forget that you need some identifier for products (like ID, model etc.) if you are trying to accomplish osCommerce import inventory for existing entities.

6) Select import options. If you are uploading new entities along with existing ones in the process of osCommerce import from XML, it is preferable to choose “Add and modify” option. In case there are only new items to be uploaded, you can check “Add only” radio button. For modifications without goods input - “Modify only” is most often used. “Just add” option allows to add products as new even when the same ones exist in database, as the software won’t check if they are already listed (be careful, as this may cause duplicates).

Having the ability to add and update large amount of data performing osCommerce import from XML on the fly, without manual file converting, reveals for you new opportunities and simplifies the task considerably. Use Store Manager for osCommerce to upload XML feeds - experience all the advantages of efficient means of information input. More info and free version of the application find here -

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