What to Consider Working at osCommerce Store Design

Web store design is the first thing a customer sees. It is very important to produce first impression positive and make visitors want to stay at a store. It’s natural that every online retailer wants a shop to be different than all the others, to be peculiar and special. Captured by this idea web shopkeeper shouldn’t forget that his/her main focus is customers’ needs and requirements. The fault that is made by great number of internet retailers is that by trying to make their shop and offered osCommerce products stand out, they make shopping experience very difficult and uncomfortable for their clients.

Creating online store interface, try to foresee customers’ actions. It should be simple enough to buy osCommerce products for everybody, be it an IT professional or first-time user. Entering a web store and seeing new interface always influences. Visitors see the site based on their previous experience - stores they have already visited. Thus, web browsers are looking for the elements located at the usual places. The strategic areas for any webshop are: osCommerce products descriptions, osCommerce catalog and “Add to cart” area.

You have to assure customers that a product is available for sale, so they can check the details and buy it easily. Typically, site visitors want to view the osCommerce catalog located to the left of the page, the osCommerce images of the product and description to the right as well as the “Add to Cart” button. If you want to make it hassle-free for the clients to purchase osCommerce products at your store, don’t change this scheme. In case it will take them too much time or efforts to make a purchase they will find another place, be sure.

Potential customers should be able to find osCommerce products easily, using various filters to make the search exact: brand, price, color, size and others. There are different types of stores and not all the suggestions which are perfect, for example, for the store selling grocery products would be good for that, selling shoes. The interface has to suit the peculiarity of the shop, e.g., osCommerce images of the albums are good for the music store, but not for the one that offers food products.

Product’s page should attract customers’ attention. They shouldn’t hesitate to press “Add to cart” button and make an order. You have to remember that making store design understandable and logical for the customer will give you more benefits than creating a web store with a unique, trendy but complicated interface. Make it convenient for your potential customers to go through your osCommerce catalog. In order to arrange things properly use some help, like Store Manager for osCommerce software, which will help you to keep your osCommerce products, osCommerce images and more in order. Provide your clients with great shopping experience that will make them want to come back!