Key Points to Increase Sales and Get Greater Number of osCommerce Orders

Getting started with selling online is not an easy task, although it has already been done by many people all around the world. So you can learn from people who are running web stores: surf the net, look for the shops similar to yours, note the aspects which seem worthy to you. Actually, visitors who are ready to make a purchase at your site care not only for the goods’ quality or price but also for the conditions of placing an osCommerce order. Let’s take a closer look at some key points of your store's success.

Store’s design

osCommerce store owners should create appealing and user-friendly web site to widen clientele circle and increase average amount of osCommerce orders. In the other words, you have to make customers want to come, buy and further visit the store you are running. Create interesting and original osCommerce web store design to entice visitors to stick to the goods are offering.

Within a reach

Your potential customers should know that they can easily reach you in case they have such a need. Dispose at least an e-mail address and some other contact information as well, it might be phone numbers, Skype ID, postal address. This builds up clients’ trust and makes them more eager to make osCommerce orders at your store. It will not lead to the greater amount of e-mails and messages as some think but will have to built up good relationships with your customers.

Simple to buy

“Buy now” or “Add to cart” buttons should be placed near every products from osCommerce catalog. It should catch visitors attention and push them to buy a good. If there’s no button that calls buyers to make a purchase, customers might have an impression that a product is not for sale, thus you will lose a prospect together with your profit.

Prompt reaction to customers actions

Let’s say a client has chosen a product he/she was looking for in osCommerce catalog and placed the order but time goes by and nobody contacts him/her regarding the status of the order. Most likely scenario will be that he/she will forget it and make a purchase at some other web store. Customers are your main concern! Notify them about the status of orders as promptly as possible. Positive customer feedback is one the keys to success!

Try to see your store in the way your visitors and customers see it. Imagine that it’s your first time visiting the shop, does it make you want to start shopping and making osCommerce orders immediately? It does! Wonderful! You’re moving in the right direction, keep up the good job!