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Among all the variety of shopping carts available, osCommerce is the most widely used one. It has plenty of advantages but one of the main ones is that it has additional osCommerce software as well as osCommerce extensions and osCommerce addons developed. These solutions will help you to create high-level store. Developing web store, using just osCommerce platform functionality and no additional means can also be possible but it requires some IT skills and experience. You can download this open source platform from the official site. In case you have problems you can always ask osCommerce community for help.

osCommerce shopping cart is multilingual. By default you’ll be able to use German, Spanish and English languages. If you need more languages you can easily add them. Few currencies are supported by the CMS, it’s easy to add payment systems and make payment comfortable for your clients. You can use various marketing tools: promo-codes, social networks integration, automated e-mail distribution, partner programs, etc. This shopping cart is also quite handy for your clients. They can save the history of the purchases they have already made and follow the status of the orders they made. It will be possible to make orders not having to register, they can also state a few delivery addresses to make it more convenient. SSL protocol will take care of your data security.

Certainly, just like any other platform it has not only positive but also negative aspects. The major one is that this platform has had no upgrades for quite a while. E-commerce is developing very fast and CMS has to keep the pace of time and meet contemporary requirements. It can be customized but to have it done you would have to pay an experienced developer if you don’t have advanced IT skills and can’t do it by yourself.

Nevertheless who is looking for solution will definitely find it! In case you would like to boost the functionality of your shopping cart but don’t want to spend too much time on it, go for osCommerce addons, modules or other osCommerce software. Looking for the solution you want it to be effective, stable and safe. Store Manager for osCommerce will definitely meet your needs. It will protect all the data at your store database, intuitive interface of the software makes it simple to perform all the necessary operations. Web store management will be smooth, simple and spotless. It ensures flawless management of customers, orders, products, etc.

You have to built your online store on reliable basis. On condition that you make up your mind to have it on osCommerce take some time to find out more about this shopping cart peculiarities - look up at forums to check users’ reviews about this platforms, possible problems and ways out. If you want to start getting orders online as fast as possible - osCommerce is a right choice! Don’t underestimate the power of special osCommerce software, e.g., Store Manager for osCommerce, osCommerce extensions as well as osCommerce addons. They can help you to build fully-functional online store. Find details on Store Manager functionality - http://www.oscommerce-manager.com

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