Bringing Business Online with osCommerce - What to Consider

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Any merchant who wants to bring business online should start with a shopping cart he/she will use as a store base. It’s quite understandable that you’d like to reduce the costs when starting a web store and, therefore, look for smart and cost-free solutions. Among the most widespread solutions you can find osCommerce platform. Great number of merchants have chosen this shopping cart. It is reliable and has plenty of additionally developed addons and modules and developers communities all around the world.

What will you be able to get when you decide to stick to osCommerce? It gives you all the functionality needed for online store setup. You will be able to perform products export/import from/to Excel, make synchronization with 1C, use advanced product filter when searching for products. In addition to that it will be easy to have full control over osCommerce product quantity and osCommerce stock, benefit from other possibilities like offering promo codes and make it possible for your customers to make orders without registration. In case you have some doubts or problems, osCommerce has a large community of developers who are ready to help.

Certainly, as every other platform this one has some downsides one of which is that it has not been upgraded for quite a while. Also, it is not easier for those who just started, as they won’t be able to use all the functionality to the fullest. Customization of the shopping cart will involve experienced developers. To cut costs on store customization look for the ready made solutions you can get on the market that can help you solve multiple tasks, like Store Manager for osCommerce, which is going to assist in making the management of your store easy and flawless.

You will be able to do much more than standard shopping cart allows. Using this specialized software you can have even better osCommerce stock control and keep an eye on osCommerce product quantity, update your products in much easier way. Benefit from various reports which are already available or create new ones to get reports on the specific aspects. If you want to make your goods available for customers from different countries it won’t be challenging to make the store multilingual. With Store Manager for osCommerce you can easily handle several stores.

As online merchant you should put your customers’ needs at the first place and make them of top priority. It’s quite clear that making profit is your target, running a business which is not profitable is nonsense, but make sure products you offer are of high quality and offer pleasant shopping experience. You’ll get returning customers and will be recommended to great number of people. Simple and intuitive interface will make shopping at your store a pleasant experience. So if you’re looking for cost-effective solution to start selling online as fast as possible - go for osCommerce. And don’t pass by the convenient tool for better osCommerce stock control and osCommerce product quantity management - Store Manager for osCommerce!

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