Start Getting More osCommerce Orders - Here’s How

Starting online business you should remember that you’re not the first one to do it, so it’s a good idea to learn from those who are experienced at it. It will give you an idea what aspects are of special attention, in order to make your store profitable. Not everybody understands what pushes customers to come and make an osCommerce order at your store. More about some rules every online retailer should be aware of (taking into consideration the specifics of the goods sold) further in this article.

Design of the store

The majority of retailers who launch online store consider the design of the shop to be their major priority and they are ready to spend money on the original design. If the essential thing for you is to have an online store with original design then the first thing you should do is to use the services of professional designers. But if your main task is to start selling goods from your osCommerce catalog via Internet, exclude design from your priorities till the day when you are going to make enough profit to spend some cash on design. The interface should be simple and logical so that the customer can easily find what he/she wants and make an osCommerce order.

Transparency for the customer

Your web site visitors should be confident, that they can contact you at least via e-mail when needed. It’s also recommended to add some other contact information to the site, like phone numbers, postal address, Skype ID, etc. Many retailers think that publishing a lot of contact information will lead to the increased number of customer inquiries but it’s a mistake. On the contrary, it enhances client’s trust and confidence that he/she deals with real people who can be reached, thus, a person will want to make even more osCommerce orders.

Easy to make a purchase

It should be very easy to buy products at your store! “Add to Cart” button should attract attention and make prominent every product from your osCommerce catalog. If a customer views the product but doesn’t see the button he/she will conclude that this product is not for sale and you will lose your money. On this stage the client should not be disturbed by other factors like banners, ads, special offers, etc. If a client follows one of the links he/she may forget about the osCommerce order he/she was about to make.

Quick response to customers actions

Imagine a customer who has made an order in the webshop, choosing what he/she wanted from your osCommerce catalog, but did not get any response concerning the status of his order during the day. Most likely, a person will forget about it and order it at some other place. You should not let this happen! Contact the customer concerning his order status as soon as possible. Have the notifications sent on phone or e-mail when the osCommerce orders are made at your store.

Always try to have a look on your store from customer’s point of view and try to be honest with yourself concerning whether you would want to make a purchase here. Imagine that it’s your first time visiting the store, what impression does it make on you? If you want to start making osCommerce orders here yourself then you’re doing everything right! In case you have abundance of orders and you need to manage them efficiently, Store Manager for osCommerce application. You can find information on Store Manager here -