Design of Your osCommerce Store - What Really Matters

We always have just one chance to make the first impression. The same goes for web stores, first time a visitor enters it, he/she gets overall impression. The desire of every merchant who runs a web store is to make his/her shop unique, different from those of competitors’, it is quite understandable. It should have some points which make it different from the rest. At the same time keep in mind that the most widespread mistake which leads to orders loss is the fact that store’s interface doesn’t meet typical customers’ expectations.

The interface of the store has to be easy enough for everyone, no difference be it a housewife or an IT geek. Visitor always has a small stress coming to the web store and seeing an interface which is not familiar for him/her. A browser evaluates a web site, being guided by previous experience. Therefore, he/she is searching for the areas which are more familiar. Main areas in the online store are: osCommerce catalog, osCommerce products descriptions, and the purchase area.

The customer has to be sure that this product is in stock, view the description and purchase it. Usually, visitors expect to see the osCommerce catalog on the left, products’ osCommerce images and description on the right and “Buy now” in the upper right corner. Don’t experiment with the placement too much as it will be easy for you, considering you know the website thoroughly, but quite difficult for your visitors. If they have to make a lot of clicks in order to get to the product they are interested in that will definitely not be the best shopping experience.

Customer should be able to search for osCommerce products in a simple way, filter them according to different parameters like: price, size, color, brand, etc. And the interface of the store selling, for example, electronic devices will definitely differ from that selling clothes or books. Creating the interface of the store, you should take into account different peculiarities, e.g., place osCommerce images of good quality and detailed goods description.

When it comes to making a purchase - do not distract the buyer, let him concentrate, make a decision and push “Buy now” button. The purchase zone should catch an eye and the process should be as simple as possible. Thus, trying to make your store unique or one of that kind, keep in mind that its design should not be complicated for your potential customers - easy to navigate through osCommerce catalog, checking osCommerce products, etc. They should feel on their ease shopping at your store. Use additional software like Store Manager for osCommerce that will help you to arrange your catalog and osCommerce images. Don’t overload them with banners and adds which are distracting, make the clients want to come back for more. Get more loyal and returning customers. Read more on Store Manager for osCommerce application - Store Manager for osCommerce