osCommerce Store Launch - a Challenge or a Piece of Cake?

Nowaday online stores become more and more popular. Increasing number of people are looking for various goods, they need, on the Internet. Accordingly, more retailers bring their stores to web. The advantages are apparent: you don’t have to buy or rent premises to expand your business, no need to hire too many employees and pay them, etc.

If you have time or financial constraints a smart thing to do would be to have a store on an open-source platform. But despite constantly increasing need of e-commerce solutions, it’s not easy to find good and reliable one. One among exceptions is osCommerce shopping cart, as it has all the needed functionality features for an online store development.

osCommerce is free open source shopping cart based on PHP and MySQL which assists in creation of stand-alone web stores. It’s easy to set up the store step by step, being able to go back and change the settings. In a few minutes you will have newly created store with goods samples in stock so you can check osCommerce functionality.

One of the most essential aspects of online stores is payment options. osCommerce enables you to use different payment methods: WebMoney, PayPal and other. You will be able to include taxes and other factors which influence osCommerce products cost, such as discounts, special offers, coupons, etc. But the more your store develops and grows - the more you need to extend osCommerce platform functionality. In order to do it you need some additional osCommerce software, addons and modules. One of such is Store Manager for osCommerce desktop application.

This osCommerce software has been developed to simplify store management. It has everything you need to make store arranging more convenient - to manage orders, customers, products, product prices, manufacturers, etc. It’s easy to perform import and export of osCommerce products, use the reporting tools available or make own reports. In addition to that, it’s easy to manage multiple stores, quickly switching between them. Store Manager for osCommerce is very intuitive and it will not be difficult to use it even if you’re not an IT professional.

You can download a trial version for free to check Store Manager for osCommerce functionality for 14 days. This is a perfect way to extend standard functionality of your osCommerce shopping cart and manage your osCommerce products, customers, orders, categories, product prices better. Customize your store according to your needs, make it appealing for visitors and get loyal customers. That’s a small investment into your business which will pay back even more than you expect!

Find detailes on Store Manager for osCommerce here - http://www.oscommerce-manager.com