Image is Worth a Thousand Sales

Purchasing goods from e-store, the osCommerce images provided on the site is the only thing that the customer can look at and evaluate the product. Particularly, for a buyer it is the only possible way to get the idea on how the future purchase will look like.

“What you see is what you get” - this motto almost always in mind of each and every buyer, so store owners should consider it either. Thus, providing multiple product images for the products is the task that all online merchants should cope with.

osCommerce image import is bulk process and can serve a perfect means of making the procedure of image upload less tedious. You can even more improve it if you perform osCommerce import of multiple images via Store Manager for osCommerce. Why? Because the application makes the process faster and absolutely troubleless.

Here are pieces of advice on that will make your work with osCommerce images much more efficient with Store Manager for osCommerce:

Add osCommerce images in bulk rather than doing it manually

If you have a couple of products, you can add images to them one-by-one, but it is definitely not a very suitable way in case you have hundreds or even thousands of products. With Store Manager, osCommerce image import can be done along with product import or you can also upload images to your products which you already have at your store later on. Basically, you need in your file to indicate only image names and they will be automatically uploaded to you store from the folder at your computer, where images are stored.

Provide multiple images for each product

The clients usually like to examine the product from each angle. Show several photos of each product from alternate views and it will describe the item for sale in more details. To add numerous images to products is a piece of cake with Store Manager for osCommerce. osCommerce import multiple images procedure requires from you only to divide the names of multiple product images by some separator - comma or column symbol in the file for import.

Upload remote images without downloading them to your computer

Have images somewhere remotely and do not want to spend time on downloading them? Not a problem in case you have Store Manager for osCommerce. With this smart application you have the chance to upload osCommerce images from external sources. osCommerce image import using HTTP links to the pictures saves time considerably and allows store owner to forget about additional work. Performing osCommerce import multiple images process from remote locations, in your import file you need to indicate the links to the images separating them by delimiter symbol.

Have you ever heard the saying, “An image is worth a thousand online sales”? You probably have not, since it hardly ever really been said. However, if at your disposal such a smart assistant as Store Manager for osCommerce, this phrase at least should be thought of carefully.

Perform osCommerce import multiple images procedure with Store Manager for osCommerce! Show your customers what you have to offer and you’ll get the chance to get clients’ appreciation in return, which is usually expressed by money spent on the purchase.