A Tale of Two osCommerce Images

Once upon a time there lived two sister-images: one local osCommerce image and one remote image. Local osCommerce image was very colorful and bright, but no one could see its beauty, as it was trapped at store owner’s computer and was waiting obediently till the time when osCommerce image uploader will bring it to an online store where everybody could feast one's eyes looking at it.

Remote osCommerce image was free. It visited a lot of web-pages of e-commerce world, but store owners hesitated to take it to their online stores. The image was beautiful and charming, but online merchants were afraid that there would be problems with osCommerce import of product images from external sources. Thus, the image was luckless and strolled about the Internet looking for fearless osCommerce image uploader that would save her from loneliness and bring her to online store that will become her new home.

One day a store owner decided to upload both local and remote image in the process of osCommerce import product images via default import method. Local osCommerce image was very happy that everybody will finally see her. It was successfully imported and it has met it’s soulmate and “second half” - osCommerce product. They both were very happy, but then local osCommerce image started to look for her sister-image which were supposed to be uploaded from external source, but noticed, that it was not in the store. Then local osCommerce image asked osCommerce image uploader where was the remote image, and the uploader admitted, that it couldn’t import the image.

Store owner also felt pity that remote osCommerce image was not imported. He liked it very much, but downloading it and placing locally would take too much time for him, which he could not afford himself. Thus, store owner stated to surf the Internet looking for the solution or proper osCommerce image uploader that would be able to handle osCommerce import of product images from local and remote sources. It was a difficult task, but finally there appeared Store Manager for osCommerce.

The application imported both images “with one hand”. It was a re-union of sister-images. Store owner was also an extremely happy, as Store Manager saved him numerous hours he needed to spend on the process.

Sister-images have made the store colorful and more and more customers started to visit it. The products were selling like hot cakes. All were very satisfied, but store owner was especially happy. He gained much more profit and his store and product have become in buyers’ demand. Using Store Manager online merchant could not only upload images, but also import products in bulk, faster update inventory, do modifications on the fly. Older osCommerce image uploader retired as it yielded to more powerful osCommerce import product images tool.

All they lived happily ever after.

This tale all store owners should keep in mind to lead e-commerce pretty fine. Store Manager for osCommerce saved online merchant's business. It will help you too. Download Store Manager for osCommerce and check it out.