5 Reasons to Love osCommerce Import

Every store owner wants to turn his business into money-making machine, but in order to achieve that you need to always add new products to satisfy users with different tastes and interests, update your inventory regularly to ensure adequate stock level and set attractive prices, at least for holidays. It is not a big deal if you have 10 products, but bigger stores require more efficient means of bringing changes to the catalog, thus osCommerce bulk upload is the perfect solution for performing mass actions faster and in more convenient way.

If you are still doubting whether to use osCommerce import, read the following points and they will definitely become a push for you to fall in love with osCommerce data import.

Great amounts of new products are added like a breeze

There always appears something new on the market and people are eager to be among the first to check it out. Thus, to boost your store popularity, you need add novelties at least from time to time if not regularly. If there are many goods, you have to appeal to bulk process of upload such as osCommerce import. It is true that the procedure is sometimes treated as troublesome, but with Import Wizard of Store Manager for osCommerce you are in safe hands.

The tool serves as trusted with will all the settings you need to set and tips of what should be done. With Store Manager for osCommerce the process of osCommerce data import is much faster, as it can be performed locally with bridge connection.

Store inventory updated in timely manner

To make sure that you have each product in plenty for each interested customer is one of top-priority tasks. That is why, the timely update of your store inventory by means of osCommerce data import is very important for overall success of your store. Consequently, you need to get updated information on your products from your supplier and use it for osCommerce bulk upload or export the existing data, do modifications and import it back. In case you use second variant, read the next point to get to know how to avoid manual work with the file.

Input changes on the fly

Very often online merchants face the fact that their files for osCommerce bulk upload are missing of some columns or some important information. Also there may occur the need to change the price, quantity, status or any other data in the file, thus you many think that the only solution is to spend countless hours to adjust the file and add values. However, in this case import is losing its notion of fast process. With Store Manager for osCommerce the adjustments of columns, modification of data, change of values can be done on the fly right in the process of osCommerce import. No need to waste time on manual changes, all can be done automatically!

Killer prices before the holidays without recalculation

Before the holidays there occurs the need to set more attractive prices. Every minute is valuable in order to catch the attention of potential buyer, so there is no way for you to spend too much time for price recalculation. Use expression rule to increase or decrease price on some percent right in the process of osCommerce data import with Store Manager for osCommerce. Enjoy new prices, that you get in a few minutes.

Synchronization of data directly from supplier

The smart thing is to communicate with your suppliers. If you set up automatic synchronizations with them, there will be no need for you to do all the job of performing osCommerce bulk upload manually. Your store will be always up-to-date as the updates will be done regularly without you having to run import. It is possible with Store Manager addon called Automated Product Import. In this way your store will be updated and you in meantime can devote yourself to other important tasks for efficient store leading.

Bring your ideas into life! Make your store flourish with minimum efforts spent! Give a try to Store Manager and osCommerce import will become your favourite task once and for all: