How Would You Like to Edit osCommerce Products?

Essential role of osCommerce products management belongs to osCommerce edit of product operation. What does it mean? This procedure should be characterised by simplicity and intelligible algorithm of fulfilment for every store owner, be it an experienced one or a newbie at eCommerce person.

Store Manager for osCommerce ensures osCommerce edit of product to be fostered as smooth and short-time operation. Store Manager for osCommerce Edit Product window cuts the time and efforts spent on osCommerce edit of product considerably. Change price, quantity, description, product’s image, etc. without performing extra work. Resort to Edit Product form - space-saving dense way of data editing. Maximum information about osCommerce product is disposed in one window with the tabs, number of which depends on the number of store views.

To edit osCommerce product choose it from the osCommerce product list placed under products toolbar, press “Edit Product” button on the toolbar or in the product context menu and implement required changes in the form fields. If you have abundance of goods at your store and you need to find the product in osCommerce product list, use the filter option available on the toolbar.

Edit osCommerce product form is quite a useful technique of data rearranging while performing osCommerce copy of products procedure. Actually, having copied a product you get the same product with the same characteristics and description. If you need to change, for example, product’s name and description you can do it in several clicks with Store Manager for osCommerce Edit Product window.

Store Manager for osCommerce contributes to swift and successful osCommerce store daily maintenance. osCommerce copy of products and products editing make a pair for up-tempo osCommerce product list replenishment and products data modifying.

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