Common Errors Occurring in the Process of osCommerce Import

An E-market is quite a popular businessplace nowadays, and more and more people become involved into eCommerce. Any type of online business is based on certain “rules”. Online merchants who want to get thriving e-business outcomes have to acquire substantial knowledge of osCommerce data import.

osCommerce store managing and maintaining is impossible without swift and resultative osCommerce import. Store content updating and uploading by means of osCommerce import from .csv is an obligatory aspect of promising osCommerce store running.

To add or edit records (products, categories, etc.) in bulk, while performing osCommerce import from .csv is really a time-saving procedure. One can import large .csv files, hundreds or thousands of products and images, etc, but sometimes it can bring some complications. What are potential osCommerce import errors a store owner can face.

  • Non-suitable File Format
  • The file imported to osCommerce must be in .csv (comma separated value) format. If you have your data, for example, in Excel file, then go to File > Save As, choose the name of your file and indicate where you would like to save it. There must be a Save as type dropdown or similar option – select .scv. from the list.

  • Invalid Use of Delimiter and Quote Character
  • These values are used to separate fields of .csv file. So, in case they are indicated not in proper way, data won’t be parsed successfully. If you created .csv file yourself, then while importing this file specify the same values for separators. If you exported data to .csv, you should remember which values were used for separators and indicate them in the process of osCommerce import from .csv.

  • Discrepancy of column names of your .csv file and database
  • If your .csv file columns names differ from those of database, the process of information uploading won’t be successful or you will get a notification.
  • Image Import Issues
  • You have to import images to make your store more and more popular among your clients. It’s indisputable fact. To perform images import properly you should remember that images names should be indicated in .csv file for corresponding products.

Above mentioned mistakes occurrence can be decreased to a great extent if you decode to import data to your osCommerce store via Store Manager for osCommerce. Handy Import/Export Wizard will guide you through each and every step of osCommerce data import minimizing the possibility of errors arising.