Stay Connected with Your Store Anytime with osCommerce Mobile Assistant

eMagicOne company welcomes you with its recent innovation, which broadens skyline for your osCommerce store running. Nowadays you can plan your business trip or travelling without hesitation, as we invented smart osCommerce mobile tool, which will keep you informed 24/7 wherever you are.

Recently developed program is called osCommerce Mobile Assistant and hits the target with its characteristic features. Having installed osCommerce for Android application, you can keep eyes upon your osCommerce store from your Android mobile phone.

osCommerce Mobile Assistant is easy in installation and usage. To install the application you should have Android v.2.2 or newer and osCommerce shopping cart only. Minimum efforts and the latest information from your store is in front of you. One more advantage - our Mobile Assistant is absolutely free of cost.

osCommerce Mobile Assistance brings you beneficial offers. It doesn’t demand deep knowledge base and possesses approachable intuitive user interface. By means of osCommerce for Android tool you are allowed to create multiple store connections and check your osCommerce stores at an easy rate.

With osCommerce mobile Assistant multiple operations over your store are possible. Turn to the filter option and look through your products, customers and orders with ease. At your desire, have a look at statistics and diagrams, which display properly organized data. Thus, with the osCommerce for mobile tool you can check and analyze your store activity day-to-day.

The osCommerce for Android application is endowed with pointful filter option. Fulfil product, order or customer search smoothly and conveniently with the osCommerce version for mobile.

The last thing which should be mentioned about the program based on osCommerce for Androidis that it doesn’t give you a possibility to make any changes to your store, you can only look through recent activity.

Once your osCommerce store moves ahead, you are in need to be connected with it every moment. With the osCommerce version for mobile you are one step before in your store running and inventory managing. Rely on operative information from Mobile Assistant to overcome your competitors!

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