New osCommerce Mobile Assistant Tool. How to Start

You have a unique opportunity to control your osCommerce store stream of events totally free anytime. eMagicOne worked out a perfect handy application called Mobile Assistant, using which you can check osCommerce store on mobile whenever you want.

osCommerce Mobile Assistant

The osCommerce for Android tool is extremely simple in installation and usage, so that each and every person can approach it. Before downloading osCommerce Mobile Assistant installation file from Google Play, make sure you have Android v.2.2 on your mobile and osCommerce shopping cart.

Note, you should setup bridge connection between your store and application, in order to connect to osCommerce with mobile store assistant. Having ignored this step, you won’t be able to check your store information.

After having installed this application you can check the data. But, remember, you will not have a chance to update or edit osCommerce store with mobile by means of osCommerce mobile Assistance, as the application is worked out only for viewing.

With osCommerce mobile Assistance you can make use of convenient product, custom and order filter. Choose necessary for filtering procedure options from the given list and find required data in minimum time. For example, you can filter your osCommerce store products by ID, SKU, product name or date.

Moreover, osCommerce Mobile Assistant can generate informative diagrams for you, analyzing the situation at your osCommerce store on mobile device.

Mobile Assistant is invented with the aim to simplify your osCommerce store running. Intuitive user interface and highly-effective filtering and browsing options do not bring any difficulties in the osCommerce for Android application usage. Follow your store footsteps every moment with Mobile Assistant.

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