Manage your store easily with Store Manager for osCommerce

You don't know how to manage your online store? You don’t have money to hire specialists and buy expensive solutions, but you want your website to be successful? Do it yourself with osCommerce open source shopping cart software. The leading shopping platform is available for free and gives the vast range of opportunities. osCommerce has attracted a huge community that involves more than 263,700 store owners, suppliers, and enthusiasts who sustain and work on their business. With its help you can manage the online store with minimum efforts and money. osCommerce gives the possibility to work with multiple currencies and payment programs. The platform also supports a wide range of languages. 

To make your work with the osCommerce shop more efficient you need to have Store Manager for osCommerce. It is a powerful tool that helps you to create, manage and customize categories, products, manufacturers and attributes of the products, orders and customers in the online store. One of its advantages is that it is very easy to install and to update. You don’t have to be a specialist or possess special skills to use the application. 

Store Manager for osCommerce gives you the ability to manage multiple stores from one place. User-friendlyinterface allows user to switch between the websites conveniently and quickly. So, there is no need to install different software. You don’t need to set up additional PHP modules or provide any server changes because of the direct connection to the MySQL database.

The Backup feature keeps all customizations and data safe so that you can restore your data any time.Store Manager for osCommerce provides the strong protection of the information from the unauthorized users. Encrypted passwords provide the additional security for the store.

You can also manage the list of products and customers, modify their attributes using one window. Another advantage is that the owner has the ability to add, remove and edit products, manage categories using the catalog tree, export them from the shopping cart into .csv file format which can be opened and edited in Microsoft Excel. Configure the product view using filter by id, name and product description. 

With Store Manager for osCommerce you can manage your customers information easily. It gives the possibility to analyse their activity on the website. Add new consumers and remove the unwanted ones. Send them e-mails, insert images into your messages and edit e-mail body using the HTML editor. 

In which way it saves your money? Additional license allows the owner to use the software on different computers within the same company. One additional license on one computer. 

So, if you have 3 computers, you have to buy one Primary license and two extra licences, which is much cheaper than to buy 3 Primary licenses for each computer. So, Store Manager for osCommerce is a software for prompt and efficient management of online store. Manage your products, product attributes, categories,  customers and orders without much efforts. It saves your time and money and lets you focus only on the business.