How to Save Time, Money and Effort with osCommerce Modules

osCommerce is a well-known e-commerce solution. It covers almost 261 thousand store owners, service providers and developers, who support and collaborate with each other on their online business. If you already started selling goods over the Internet and want to make your business grow even more successfully, use our osCommerce modules. These unique tools are sold through online stores and help to conduct everyday operations easily and effectively.
What are the key advantages of osCommerce modules?

osCommerce Translate Module is a tool that makes it possible for international clients to understand the content of your web-site by translating it into a necessary language. No longer you have to go through tiring procedures of installing additional languages and packages. osCommerce Translate Module provides a real-time translation service which is fully-automated.

osCommerce RSS aggregator is the second important tool which helps to improve your search engine optimization ranking and attract potential customers. It doesn’t only get your website indexed better and ranked higher, but also improves visitors’ impression by giving links to latest news, interesting stories and useful tips. In fact, osCommerce RSS aggregator brings the desirable updates straight to your online store! All you have to do is to decide what news feeds are to be renewed. Which is more, the tool’s friendly interface enables to deal with the software with pleasure.

The application of Point of sale for osCommerce makes it possible to take orders by phone or personally, i.e. from additional sales channels. This virtual sales terminal creates an order, charges money, sends a receipt and even notifies customers about any changes concerning the status of their order. It should be mentioned that this osCommerce module has been developed using the latest innovative technologies trends to make the interaction with the application more convenient. This tool is of great importance for you and your store staff, because it automates the routine tasks and increases the volumes of the store’s sales.

vtiger CRM integration for osCommerce is a tool that keeps the customer and order information synchronized. Advanced functionality for power merchants presupposes that manual fields mapping is supported for customized installations and for specific business rules. This osCommerce module will undoubtedly bring integrity to your business and increase your profit. Data feed for osCommerce was created to make the product’s export into easier. The latter is a Pay-Per-Click service in Australia - the online comparison shopping website. It allows to save time and money by using easy-to-use search tools, search content and merchant reviews.

Therefore, all osCommerce modules are aimed to simplify everyday operations conducted by either you, or your online store staff. They control all processes and minimize the efforts and time that is needed to manage the store and make your business flow successfully.