How to Export osCommerce Products Database in 5 Simple Steps Using Store Manager for osCommerce

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Tired of exporting your osCommerce products to .csv file? In this article we will show you how to do it in a few clicks using Store Manager for osCommerce.

Online success stories have always been based on how effectively a company used the latest technologies to impart a better online experience for its customers. Having said that, one should realize that the online market out there is quite fierce and surviving amid this competition is not an easy task. The same applies for an osCommerce store as well. There are quite a lot of online companies offering osCommerce services to the customers. Most of these websites have an osCommerce shopping cart which enables users to use the site more effectively and without any trouble.

Staying ahead of your competitors is all about providing your customers with technologically advanced options which are user friendly and informative. Only such companies can survive in the fierce competition out there. Therefore, they are always trying to find novel applications which will simplify the process and makes it much easier for them and the customers to use the site.

The Store Manager is such an application in osCommerce which can be used to export osCommerce products database very easily. Before this application was introduced, the administrators of this website had a very cumbersome process in front of them. They had to manually evaluate the osCommerce export products to find the traffic to their website and calculate the statistics.

Store Manager for osCommerce is designed in such a way so as to simplify the process of osCommerce export products and save it in a secure place. Having a backup of all the information is absolutely necessary when it comes to conducting business online. There have been cases where companies were trapped in lawsuits when they were unable to produce information about their transactions and payments. Creating a database backup of osCommerce products ensures that you always have a backup copy with you.

The first thing that needs to be done in order to export the osCommerce products database is to convert them to CSV format. This is where the store manager comes into play. Using this application, it is very easy even for a relatively inexperienced user to convert the information in the database to CSV format. There is an option where you can backup the whole setting so that you don’t have to set them every time that you are trying for a backup.

It is essential to upgrade the osCommerce shopping cart in order to accommodate the full traffic that might end up at the website. With every expansion step that you make, one should make sure that the shopping cart can cope up with such increased traffic. If the customer finds that your shopping cart takes more time to load up or the whole process is slow, they might just leave your website and consider other options. You might want to give them an out of the world experience so that they will definitely consider coming back the next time that they have a requirement. This is the key behind any successful osCommerce store.

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