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Sunset Version of Store Manager for osCommerce: Now the Application Is Available for Free

eMagicOne team informs osCommerce users that Store Manager for this shopping cart has been sunsetted. Recently we have released the sunset version of the application, what means that active development of the software has been stopped. This decision was not spontaneous and has been made on the basis of critical analysis, drew by the company from the viewpoint of global and dynamic ecommerce development, shopping cart ratings and their dominance at the market.

Store Manager for osCommerce sunset

This version of Store Manager for osCommerce is free and can be downloaded at sunset.oscommerce-manager.com. Merchants who have commercial version the application can continue using it for business management. Support will be provided for users who have active updates till the time, update expires. Previously released versions of Store Manager are accessible for download, although no updates will be provided.

Below you can find what features and improvements has been implemented in the sunset release of Store Manager for osCommerce application.


  • Now Store Manager for osCommerce can access 4GB of RAM.


  • In case attribute table had additional fields, product export did not work. The problem has been resolved and products are exported properly.
  • Product quantity was not exported in the process of osCommerce order export. The issue has been fixed and correct product quantity is being exported.

Whenever you want to exploit Store Manager for osCommerce functional capabilities, download it free at sunset.oscommerce-manager.com and use it as long as needed. Documentation, that provides instructions and tips on Store Manager functioning, is at your disposal, although no support will be provided.

The company will do its best and focus on development of workable solutions for leading ecommerce platforms.

How to Assign Multiple osCommerce Products to Different Categories in a Few Clicks

Success in osCommerce web shop development is impossible without well-structured catalog. Similar to the products on shelves at the supermarket, in online store goods need to be also neatly placed in categories for the client to quickly find necessary item and place the order. However, unlike of ordinary store, where products are mostly placed in one section, online store gives you the possibility to structure entities on more advanced level. Namely, you can link products to multiple categories and create deeper category tree with multiple parent and sub-categories. For instance, place product “Skirt” into one category “Clothing”, another “For Women” and to sub-category “Flower Prints”.

Manually linking products to multiple categories, one after another, browsing each branch of category tree, opening and editing it will be too time-consuming task. In case your store is massive, it even adds complexity to the situation.

Store owners who are tired of these operations will definitely find useful the functionality that allows to extremely quickly and at easy rate assign products to multiple categories and subcategories with just a few mouse-clicks. Interested? Then Store Manager for osCommerce is for you!

The software provides you several ways to bulk link products to various categories. Here is short overview of each of options available for products arrangement into categories, so you can choose the one up to your needs.

Drag&Drop Products into Preferred Categories

This is quite a practical strategy if you need to assign product to new category, clone it and place to different location or move item from one osCommerce category to another.

Basically, all you need to do is to choose needed items and move them to desired location.

After you “release” products to certain category or subcategory, you will see information window where you need to choose activity to be conducted from 3 available choices:

drag&drop products to categories
  • the first one will allocate products to new category, simultaneously maintaining its relation to the category it currently belongs. This way you can add products to several categories.
  • the second option allows you to make duplicate of a product in new location (where you drop selected items).
  • the last option makes possible to transfer goods to new categories, removing relation to categories they are currently assigned.

Use “Assign Categories” Option

This is very useful functionality allowing you to link or unlink goods from/to certain categories and subcategories, just ticking the boxes in front of corresponding categories. To call it up you have to just right-click on selected products and from context menu choose corresponding option. The window appearing will show you to what categories your product currently belong and allows you to link it to any additional category from category tree of your store.

assign products to categories

Link Products to Categories via CSV

Import is good means to categorize products when they are added as new or already exist in database. To associate product to multiple categories at once, you need to have them in special format in file.

In case of multi-level category tree, you will have to indicate category paths and separate them by double delimiter. Have a look at the examples:

Computers|Laptops|New Brand||Computers|Laptops - |- delimiter of top-level and subcategories, || - separates one category path from another.

It means that product will be assigned to 2 categories - ‘New Brand’ (subcategory to ‘Laptops’) and Laptops (which in its turn is also sub-category to parent category ‘Computers’)

Clothing/Skirts//Women/Flower Prints /- delimiter to top-level and subcategories, // - separates one category path from another.

Analogically, product will be assigned to 2 subcategories - ‘Skirts’ and ‘Flower Prints’

Build improved osCommerce catalog with goods perfectly structured products into categories with useful functionality of Store Manager for osCommerce!

By Maria Kvasnytska

osCommerce Excel Import without File Re-Saving or Converting

Speaking about massive appending or update of osCommerce products via import, the most widespread file format is CSV. Although, store owners not always gather content-related data to the file themselves, but receive information on inventory and other changes from their suppliers, who compose listings in spreadsheets of various formats. In case you have got in the same situation and have Excel file to be imported to your osCommerce store, keep reading.

So, at your disposal is Excel file. Some will say that is can be reformatted to .csv and then uploaded; the others will recommend tools for file converting into needed format. Though, in both cases, can you be 100% sure that the data are OK and conversion went well, especially if in your file there are a few data sheets?

If you are not, there is the solution that might be interesting for you. Store Manager for osCommerce allows import your feed “as is” without reformatting or complicated scripts involved.

It is worth trying because of the following reasons:

  • As was already mentioned, the application supports various file formats, so there is no need to spend additional time on the work over the file.
  • Import wizard of Store Manager will guide you through all the steps, assisting you with settings to be made.
  • There is useful backup option that allows to ensure data safety. So in case any mishaps occur, you can recover information and avoid losses.
  • Store Manager import method is equally good for upload of new goods and mass update of existing ones. No strict requirements to import file.
  • The number of import procedures in unlimited, so you can use the tool as many times as you need.

The Main Points to Remember:

- Performing osCommerce import from xls file, you need to keep in mind, that Store Manager (beginning from version 5.4.0) allows to run import from one sheet at a time. In case in your Excel feed there are multiple sheets, you need to upload each separately.

oscommerce excel sheet

- The columns and data in your file are divided by separators and delimiters. At one of osCommerce Excel import steps you have to indicate which exactly. Mind to indicate correct ones for the file to be parsed properly (use preview).

oscommerce excel import

- In case your file names are the same as database names, they will be linked automatically. If not, you can map them. Thanks to this step you can make sure that the data from your file will get to correct places.

map Excel columns to oscommerce database fields

- Finally, if there are no data necessary data indicated in your import spreadsheet, you can add them on-the-fly using special expression rules.

Obtain the possibility to undertake Excel files upload with no additional work done. Need to do it only once or a few times? It is possible with no fees with 2-week trial of Store Manager for osCommerce -


By Maria Kvasnytska

Massive Updates of osCommerce Products are Now Free with Mass Product Changer

What makes you exceed other similar websites and beyond other competitors? Definitely the ability to manage your product information in fast manner and without having to struggle too much with the entire procedure.

In expanding your effort to get immediate changes implemented to your osCommerce products, we have made appropriate actions that ensure higher effectivity with the ability to make bulk changes to entities in a few clicks using Mass Product Changer application. But this is not all!

With new version of Store Manager for osCommerce (starting from it's no longer necessary to purchase Mass Product Changer addon additionally in order to massively change or input necessary product-related information.

oscommerce mass product changer free

From now on, Mass Product Changer is available for free in Store Manager for osCommerce, so the only expense will be on the main application. No extra fee for massive product changes via the tool anymore!

If you haven't used Store Manager yet, downloading trial version you will be able to use Mass Changer tool and implement immediate changes absolutely free for 14 days -


Why Mass Product Changer is worth trying?

First of all, obviously because it is free now. If you had any doubts previously, now you can eliminate them, since you can either use it absolutely without charges with test version of Store Manager or make one payment and have all-in-one solution lifetime.

Secondly, Mass Product changer is indispensable in case you are lack of time and need to quickly update your inventory or other details without the necessity to run import from the file. Just a few clicks and you are done.

Moreover, it is super-easy to use, so there is no need to have some special skills. You just select products, run Mass Product Changer form context menu appearing after right-click and enjoy results.

How Practically Can It Be Useful?

The application will be definitely helpful in case you need to perform the following operations:

  • update product inventory, including stock status and quantity;
  • quickly add mark-ups or mark-downs to prices (increase/decrease cost or special price by percent, value or set fixed value);
  • make prices smart by auto-adjusting price ending, lets say to .99 or .95 instead of integral number;
  • add manufacturer or any missing info to bulks of products;
  • make advanced modifications on the basis of special expression rules that can be applied;
  • preview results before saving changes.

To sum up, Mass Product Changer significantly saves time and from now one money as well. Do not miss the chance to get killer feature absolutely free!

By Maria Kvasnytska

How to Drive osCommerce Sales and Get Repeated Customers

It is fairly simple to start online business nowadays, thanks to technologies and novelties we have at disposal. Making good earning, on the other hand, requires, additional work to be done, what at first sight seems to be somewhat complicated. Although, small details, you should pay attention to when arranging osCommerce catalog, can significantly affect your business turnovers and make customers roll in.

To drive sales and attract more and more customers you should ensure online shoppers that your site is reliable, competitive and customer-oriented. To make long story short, majority of customers are looking for straightforward shopping experience, and your task is to provide what they are looking for. To build prominent online shop and turn site visitors to repetitive customers, you must consider the following

osCommerce products

osCommerce Product Variants

You definitely sell merchandise that are of the same nature but differ, for example, in colour, size, material or some other characteristics. In such a way, each product variant should be added as separate product. This is traditional method of product variant creating, although it is not efficient. You overload osCommerce catalog with immense number of identical entities and, what is more unfavourable, force customers to unnecessarily view each of them before they reach desired one.

Condense your product catalog, organize wares smartly with osCommerce attributes. You are not obliged to add hundreds of entities if products, you offer online, are variable. Consolidate all product variations within single product page, what will be better for you as well as for people purchasing at your store. Shoppers will not be doomed to rummage about multitude of merchandise, since all the options available for current product, are shown on one product page.

Stunning Product Images

osCommerce image is an inalienable component of product page. Pictures describe your osCommerce products, provide more info on them and, we can say, persuade shoppers to place an order. Since images affect buying choice and are so-called incentives for customers, you must, firstly, opt for appropriate product pictures and, secondly, fall back upon efficient image upload tool. If the photographs you place for osCommerce wares are low-quality or sized improperly, shoppers, most likely will refuse buying, you, respectively, can lose potential customer.

Price Reduction

Any customer, coming to your webshop, will positively react upon price cutdowns. Price discount is the way to provide customers with a sense of receiving additional value by paying less than this or that product costs. This is an apt tool used to attract customers attention and entice them to make a purchase.

These and other practices that will help you boost sales and bring more exposure to your web store can be swiftly implemented with Store Manager for osCommerce application. Store Manager provides you with convenient system of osCommerce attribute handling. Designate necessary product options and create values for them via special section of Store Manager within short span of time. Afterwards, they can be assigned to any product, osCommerce catalog incorporates.

As for product pictures you are free to upload them manually to existing merchandise or add in bulk in the course of product import. It makes no difference, you need to add osCommerce images stored locally or some disposed remotely, Store Manager will swiftly append photos and link them to indicated osCommerce products.

If you want to create specials for customers, you have several tools at disposal. Mass Product Changer allows you to instantly designate price markdowns or set smart prices for numerous products. Store Manager lets you mark some products as specials. Products marked as specials usually acquire price reduction, available for predefined period of time. The application provides you the possibility to create discount coupons that might be applied by customers and, correspondingly, order totals will be reduced by value indicated.

Build the smartest and the most successful website with Store Manager for osCommerce. Find more on Store Manager functional capabilities at


By Ira Svedovetska

eMagicOne Rolls Out New Version of Store Manager for osCommerce

updated store manager for oscommerce

Our effort to build great software for easier online store management never stops. That's why we periodically release updated versions of Store Manager application, enriched with new features that maximally boost e-store’s performance and store owner’s content handling possibilities.

With this release of new Store Manager for osCommerce (ver. we do not let go of the gas pedal on the way to improve the software. In this version we introduce new features as well as improve the existing functionality.

Among New Possibilities the Software Offers are:

  • The chance to import from file formats that were not included previously - XLS, XLSX, ODS. So now there is no need for you to re-save or reformat the file provided to you by supplier, since osCommerce import from most popular spreadsheet formats is supported now.
  • Useful option to upload Large images for products in bulk that allows to avoid their one-by-one input.
  • Export Larger images when adding your products to eBay to better describe your items at the world’s biggest auction.

Store Manager’s Enhancements Include:

  • Optimization of Store Diagnostics performance for faster detection of missing pictures and images that are not linked to any products.
  • The ability to choose manufacturer for product directly in the grid without the need to open edit product form.
  • Improved functionality available through buttons of upper grids in various sections of Store Manager for osCommerce.
  • Ability to export data to EXCEL, HTML, XML, CSV files for their further modification or other purposes.
  • Refined work of Access Management section that ensures the right to view and modify sections of your store depending on the user role assigned to the person who logged into the application with certain credentials.
  • Customers&Orders creation is now even more convenient and handy and more info on them is available for input.
  • Now adding missing information or updating existing fields on-the-fly during osCommerce import using expression rules is even more effortless due to changes made.

These are only the most important improvements made. Updates to Store Manager for osCommerce are cumulative, so when you install the latest version also get all the previous updated functionality.

Stay up-to-date and download the latest version we have just released! It is possible either from your license account http://license.emagicone.com/ or directly within the application (small green arrow in the applications’ left corner).

oscommerce manager updates

Let us know what you guys think about newly-released version. Post in the comments what you find helpful and suggest what else you would like to see in the application.

By Sergiy Kibitkin

Stay Connected to Your Store with New Mobile Assistant for osCommerce

Online store can not be left unattended, can it? You think, being far from office or home it will be not possible for you to view the latest changes, track sales and analyze overall store performing? You need to be connected to your store irrespective of time and place you stay at the moment.

Mobile Assistant for osCommerce makes store administrating more flexible and allows to instantly reach your store data from anywhere. Mobile device, you use in everyday life, delivers quick access to store data after Assistant is being installed on it.

The application furnishes vital information, builds graphics that display store performance, allows to browse products, customers, orders and offers convenient filtering mechanism. Set informative widgets to get the latest activities displayed on mobile screen.

Mobile Assistant

eMagicOne company never stops at what has been accomplished and has recently released new version of mobile application. Having installed Mobile Assistant for osCommerce 2.1 you can take advantage of new functionality that will ultimately make web shop management more comfortable and help you run business with ease, namely

  • application interface has been redesigned, adapted to tablets and smartphones
  • new filter has been added to application widgets
  • now you can filter orders by specific statuses
  • error reporting has been improved
  • other improvements and enhancements

Download Mobile Assistant for osCommerce and keep in touch with you store 24/7.

Source - http://blog.emagicone.com/2014/04/stay-connected-to-your-store-with-new.html

By Ira Svedovetska